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Welcome to Ibbani Studios; first of all let’s start with how we came up with our name, Ibbani means “Dew Drop” in Kannada, a South Indian language. Memories are as fresh and fragile as dewdrop, as the time passes and we grow fast we tend to miss the little things and the changes in our everyday life. We need to capture those moments; those magical memories so we can look back upon them and realize just how important those fleeting moments really are, we at Ibbani Studios would love to preserve them for you. We are award winning photography studio based in Bangalore, Karnataka, providing portraits for babies, children, seniors, couples, wedding and families. Our eye for the artistic and attention to detail allows us to create memories for you that will last a lifetime. We’re excited to get to know you! All these stories are the stories of YOUR heart that will be left for those that come after you; your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, etc. We capture these stories not only for you, but also for the family members that will follow you many years from now. When you walk away you will feel like you had the best experience and have fallen in love with your photos