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Theresa Butts
treichertphotography@gmail.com http://www.treichertphotography.com Joined February 6, 2018
Biographical Info
My name is Theresa. I'm a young woman, enjoying the constant growth and new adventures life is throwing my way. I am the wife of an amazing Navy Veteran with the best heart, and momma to a beautiful bouncing baby boy. These two keep me smiling and motivated to give them all they deserve and more! I enjoy laughing (which you'll pick up immediately when we meet), I love being comfortable and making others comfortable around me. I'm very humorous and love to laugh...like ALL OF THE TIME! I may have the strangest obsession with Ferrero Rocher and Salad. I spend my spare time listening to music, singing (or screaming the lyrics), watching Rom-Coms and Pixar, and Facetiming with my family. Photography, amongst my many other talents and skills, keep me happy. It never feels like work to me because I have such a passion for moments. Those moments that genuinely give us all that "OMG" and chill factor. I live to capture those moments, and I live to capture yours! I've always been a huge photo buff both in-front of and behind the camera.
United States