Paloma Schell Joined February 6, 2018
Biographical Info
Paloma is 33 years old, from Porto Alegre/Brazil, married and mother of 2. She has a degree in photography from Universidade do Vale do Itajaí (UNIVALI) and is an expert in newborn photography. She is a member of ABFRN- the Brazilian Association of Newborn Photographers, and has learned from some of the best International Newborn photographers. She is the author of the book “Guia Pratico Para Fotografar Newborn” – a Practical guide to photograph Newborns, and has her own line of albums directed to the newborn photography market. She has been one of the main speakers in many conferences such as the Newborn Photo Conference, Estudio Evolution, Congresso Brasileiro de Fotografia, the Newborn Secrets and the Photo Tour Brazil. She revolutionized the world of photography with the Kit Solution Newborn, a circular backdrop stand that helps photographers pose newborns in a safer and more productive way. It also helps photographers save tremendous time in the editing process. The product is patented and exported to various countries.
Santa Catarina