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My name is Catherine and I am a creative portrait photographer. I am specializing in newborn photography and maternity photography. I love being a photographer. I love kids! I love babies! I love what I do! I’m here to capture all these moments for you, so you could cherish them years later. That was a big dream. And you know what? Dreams come true!!! Originally I am from a little country called Moldova. I grew up in a circus family. I got a University Diploma as a Teacher in 2011 but I never had a chance to work as a teacher, because I followed my husband and we immigrated to Canada. Now we live in a pretty little town in Ontario called Innisfil. I have learned photography at Shaw Academy – online school based in Dublin, Ireland. There I got my Diploma in General Photography. Also I had online classes about Newborns’ Safety and Posing ( mostly I was learning from an Australian photographer Kelly Brown, but I did learned from other famous and meaningful photographers as well). I am always improving my skills and learning something new because a photographers’ possibilities are limitless. I love my job and I want to become better day by day.