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Geniann Elliott
book.geniannelliottphoto@gmail.com http://www.geniannelliottphoto.com Joined August 12, 2018
Biographical Info
Hi! I’m Geniann- owner and photographer at Geniann Elliott Photography. As an artist at heart, photography became a creative outlet for me many years ago. After I had my first child, I realized that my love for photography wasn’t just about “taking pretty pictures” but more so a means of freezing time. Have you ever thought- How did a whole year go by so fast? When did they get so big? Where did the time go?! As a mommy of 2, I understand the desire to make time stand still. I too want to look back on images of my children, years from now, and instantly be reminded of those details that slip through our fingers too quickly- that contagious giggle, those adorable dimples, chubby cheeks and baby teeth…. all the little things that make your little one unique. I focus my sessions on bringing out the characters of your kids- telling a story of who you are as a family- and who your child is at this stage of life. Sessions are full of real smiles, lots of giggles, and plenty of fun. My goal as your photographer is to not only produce great images, but to create an experience that you and your children will enjoy. I love getting to be a part of watching your family stories unfold.