Tracy Kelley Joined March 1, 2020
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Pride and Joy Photography
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Photography has been my passion for over 30 years. It began in high school. Staging photos, developing 35mm b/w film in a darkroom, and being recognized as a top videographer. I entered a contest against seniors in college, taking home two 1st place awards and an award of distinction ~ this gave me the confidence to continue pursuing my love of photography. Through the years I have done many portraits, senior photos, weddings, branding for products, animals and was also commissioned to take on-site photos and video of the Peruvian jungle. I have also been a longtime user of Adobe Photoshop, learning all the fun tools they offer to manipulate images. The latest trend I’ve mastered is working with composites. I am a mother of twins, and comfortable handling multiple babies at once. My son Jackson is on the autism spectrum, so I understand the difficulties that arise with sensory issues, over stimuli and the need to be patient. I am closely involved with local groups of parents that have children with disabilities and operate a support group for parents of kids with autism. I am a strong advocate for child safety.