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Rose Dervalli
contato@studiorosedervalli.com.br http://www.studiorosedervalli.com.br Joined April 23, 2020
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Stúdio Rose Dervalli
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Passionate about children, the fascination with the art of photographing Newborn has always been very present in her life and in her work plans. Commercial executive for almost 20 years, married and mother of three children, Rose dedicated herself to studying the techniques and concepts of photography after the birth of her 3rd child, then Studio Empório Da Nata was born. During this period, she took specialization and immersion courses in workshops with major international references such as Ana Brandt and Kelly Brown. It is important to highlight the stamp acquired by her training in anatomy and physiology of babies, manipulation techniques, indispensable knowledge to work in the art of photographing Newborn safely.
São Paulo