Paula Wilson Joined January 18, 2021
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Paula Wilson Photography
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Hey I'm Paula: I'm a partner, mother of 5 and natural born Baby Whisperer. I have always had a passion for creativity and art. Blending my love for babies and my passion for creativity only makes sense. As a qualified ANP newborn photographer, I strive to capture the innocence and beauty of those first few days of life that pass by all too quickly. When I glance at photos of my children shortly after they were born, I am instantly transported back to the time when they were tiny enough to fit in my arms. A wave of emotion washes over me. A small smile spreads across my face. That feeling of emotion is what I want for each and every one of my clients and the ability to create the works of art that evoke those emotions is the reason why I love what I do. And being able to snuggle up with all these gorgeous little babes is the biggest perk of all! My goal with each and every session is to provide you with priceless memories of those first few days of life that you will cherish forever. Every time you walk by a portrait of your newborn baby hanging on your wall, you’ll remember just how they slept, and just how they smelled, and just how they looked curled up in your arms. All my sessions take place either outdoors or in my home studio. Both make for stunning galleries!! I would love to hear from you to discuss how I can capture and deliver a gallery full of love and genuine memories for you to look back on and cherish forever.