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My way into the Maternity/ Newborn photography was paved by love, happiness and sheer coincidence. It was a chance encounter that made me realise the true calling of my passion. It was while clicking photographs of my newborn son Kiyan that I realised how I’ve never been happy in my entire life. And I knew in that moment this is the sort of happinessI want to spread in this world, the kind of memories I want to create and sustain. And thats what I strive to do ever since. Having three years of experience in the field of maternity / newborn photography , I can say with that I’m in love with my profession because it’s impossible to not fall in love with the angels of God and newborn are truly the angels of this world. But you will never know how quick your angels will grow. Those tiny toes that now fit in to your palm will grow into feet that know its own way. Those “toothless” smiles will make way for corrected smiles, and those tiny palms that used to curl around your small finger will grow into palms that would hold you instead. Those tiny wonders now you hold in your hands will become grown up before you know it. so cherish that “toothless smiles” while you can. Make Photographs because that’s how you create, sustain memories. And i’m here to help you freeze those moments in the best way possible. When your little angels grow up, give them these photographs… trust me when you do that you are not only giving back them the memories but also their childhood and what else id sweeter than in this whole world than one’s own childhood ! And do not forget photographs are the only memories that you can see. And i would love to help you see it !