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Small Treasures Photography
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Maternity Photography,Birth Photography,Newborn Photography,Family Photography
United Kingdom
The start of a new life is such a miracle and fills you with so much love, joy and happiness that words cannot express it. However a lot of new fears come along with that. One of them is the constant worry to miss those fleeting moments and that time passes by too quickly. That’s were I come in and help you to preserve the memories of your newborn baby so you can treasure them forever. Hi, my name is Susi and I am the principal photographer and studio owner of Small Treasures Photography. Specialising in the art of newborn and maternity photography I feel incredibly privileged to accompany you through some of the most emotional and touching moments in life. With years of experience in working with newborns the comfort and safety of your baby is always my priority. I want you to feel safe and relaxed while I try to capture the sheer beauty, innocence and vulnerability of your precious little bundle in a natural and timeless style. It is my absolute passion to keep your most beautiful and cherished memories awake forever.