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Penny Katz Photography
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Newborn Photography
South Africa
Photography for me is everything. I fell into this career by a fortunate accident. Retrenched and tired of having my life in someone else's hands. Statistics will tell that only 13% of people worldwide will find the job that they love, I am in that 13%. Photography is my passion. It is what drives me. I believe beyond all doubts that this is my purpose. I strive every day to become better and to push the boundaries. Photography has allowed me to be a part of something bigger, I get to witness milestones and personal events with people who entrust me to capture their memories and allow me to tell their story my way. I believe every photo shoot is a love story, it does not have to be a couples shoot to be that. A baby shoot is because the parent loves that child, a boudoir shoot is reestablishing the love for oneself, even a birthday party is a love story of family and friends sharing their love for that person. No matter what the occasion for a photo shoot, there is a love story behind it. Personally, I am 49 years old, a mother of 4 and a grandmother of 2. I have always been behind the lens capturing their memories and milestones, my children are my love story.