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Mike McEwen Photography
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Maternity Photography,Newborn Photography,Family Photography
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My Story; On the streets of Boston, I found myself drawn to photography. I wanted to capture the reality of the town, but in a way that preserved its beauty and the moments a city like this held. I wanted to photograph the moments that escaped the eyes of people and hold those occurrences in time so anyone and everyone could see the emotion preserved in that portrait. Photography is an art form that is about expression and making an image so strong, you can experience its emotion as soon as you see it. Ever since then, I never stopped taking photos of the raw emotion, the candid moments of people that once moved me for the very first time under Boston city lights. My Mission My mission is to deliver those very same strong moments to you, as if they were my own. Mike McEwen Photography understands a portrait is not a timeline: it is not meant to document dates. A portrait is your and your family’s story that should document what your family is, and what your family means to you. My company takes the time to understand your eccentricities, the uniqueness of every family member, and makes sure those personalities come through in the portrait. We find this job a labour of love to provide to you a unique emblem that can be passed down for generations: a symbol of your family’s legacy. My Services Mike McEwen Photography offers services in the Annapolis MD and Washington DC area. I specialize as a newborn photographer to capture the happy occasion of the addition of a new family member, but we also provide maternity and Family portraits as well. Children are a gift, so let me take those moments and preserve them for you: they are all grown up before you know it! The Importance of a Photo You may know of the people who have mounds of old photographs stored away in the basement,you may be them too. Though these portraits may seem like just ink on paper, they are our simple reminders. They are the reminders of important moments we may have forgotten,the feeling of happiness we may have experienced at the time, of the people no longer with us, and those who have come so far since then. The photos are a time machine that can take you back to the bittersweet days of maternity, or having a newborn in the home, or what it was like to be a new mother or father. Let me preserve those moments for you. I consider it a privilege to be able to do so. I know when I photograph my nieces and nephews, I still smile and laugh when I look back to the session with them. A photography session is an important step in preserving your best memories,so be sure to check out my gallery and blog to see some of my work! FInd me on Facebook