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Melissa Donaldson Photography, LLC.
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Maternity Photography,Newborn Photography,Family Photography
United States
Melissa Donaldson is an award winning newborn photographer. Melissa specializes in newborn photography, maternity, and family photography. Melissa Donaldson Photography has photographed hundreds of newborn babies, out of her home studio, located in Gilbert, Arizona. Melissa has three children, her youngest being five years old, and her oldest 20. She is a military mom, an entrepreneur, and a wife. Melissa Donaldson Photography is a member of the Professional Photographers of Arizona,, as well as Best Newborn Photographers. She studied Photography at the Academy of the Arts, and has taken many hands on newborn workshops. Melissa Donaldson Photography provides classic custom newborn, maternity, baby, children and family portraiture. Fun facts about me: I am a very picky eater; most of my friends and family tease me. I am known for ordering my burger with bun, meat and cheese only, and you will never find me near an onion. My sister has said,” I am like the father in My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, Windex fixes everything. I am addicted to The Real Housewives of any county, especially Orange and New Jersey. I have double-jointed elbows, and I can jump rope like no bodies business. (I was an Arizona jump it in elementary school and can still jump rope like I did back then!) fun to do at parties. Most importantly I love my family, my husband, and my kids. There is not a day that goes by that I do not thank them and God for blessing me with the opportunity to do what it is that I love the most.