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Julia Pollex Photography
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Maternity Photography,Birth Photography,Newborn Photography,Family Photography
North Carolina
United States
I have always loved photography from the day my parents gave me my first "instamatic" camera. As on OB nurse, I loved being a part of families' lives during the magical time of birth. I dreamed of being a baby-child photographer, but the interests of my own children led me to photographing equestrian events and rider-horse portraits. But now it is time to realize my dream, and I have never EVER enjoyed doing something more than photographing babies and young children. I LOVED raising my children, and it gives me such great pleasure to be with new parents and their beautiful babies. I have enjoyed all the steps of my career in my life, but being a newborn photographer has been the most exciting and pleasurable by far. The passion I feel for creating beautiful images of these sweet babies is enormous. I am excited to explore the craft and work with the parents to give them memories they - and their children - will cherish for many many years to come.