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Nuance Photography & Design
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Nuance Photography & Design
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Maternity Photography,Birth Photography
South Africa
Hello. I am a Photographer and Designer. My belief is that when a picture is looked at, it should envoke an emotion - bring to life a feeling... explain without any words or sounds something deeper and more special than words could ever say... pictures should speak louder than words. My Passion is to capture life as it happens, and create everlasting memories. Capturing people's Nuance has been my passion since I found out how. I Love capturing the beauty of families enjoying life and appreciating each other. I also love capturing the million different smiles, giggles, and frowns of little girls and boys. And Most of all seeing through the lens of my camera how two people, so inloved, committed to love and honour each other for the rest of their lives just "be". I've been taking photos since 2007, and will never stop... I admit I'm an addict!!! I've studied at the Open Window Shool of Visual Communication and Finished my Diploma in Visual Communication. From 2008 I've had the opportunity to work with great photographers including Suzette du Plooy Brenda Buddulph -Monsoon Photography Rensche Mari Van Dyk -International Lifestyle Photographer Lise Cronje- La' Lis Photograph