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Portraits By Annabelle
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Maternity Photography,Birth Photography,Newborn Photography,Family Photography
Burwood East
My name is Annabelle and I offer Newborn Baby, and Family Portrait Photography Services to the Melbourne area. Photography is my passion. As well as having a wealth of experience, I have formally qualified with a Photography degree. I consider photography to be an art and, for this reason, I endeavour to make all photos completely unique and timeless. Any image of your precious little bundle of joy is perfect and priceless, but a portrait of your baby today might look out of place hanging on your walls in 20 years time if, that is, it hasn't been captured correctly. At Portraits by Annabelle my main aim is to beautifully document and preserve your gorgeous little baby, but more than this, I also endeavour to create a piece of unique art that will look stylish hanging on your wall from the day you receive your portrait right through the years, until your beautiful child becomes an amazing grown up, maybe with babies of their own. In your heart your baby will never grow up, and with the portraits I create, you will be able to gaze upon the perfect little person you created no matter how many years pass.