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Maternity Photography,Newborn Photography,Family Photography
New South Wales
My name is Deanna (or D for short as a lot of people say my name wrong!) I love everything babies. I love everything photography. I love everything baby photography! Loving what you do as your job is a rarity and I am lucky to be able to call myself a full time professional photographer. Throughout the years I have photographed hundreds of families, mums to be, babies of all ages, which I really enjoy but to me nothing gets me more excited than knowing I have a newborn to photograph the next day. Newborns and big babies to me are perfect. All their teeny tiny features, the softness of their skin and that smell… I get excited even thinking about it! Getting to meet amazing families and building lifelong friendships is just another perk of the job. I get told I have a bubbly personality and an ability to instantly connect with people leading to me know more than I should about a lot of families! (You know what it’s like when the girls get together ☺) I have been known to spend extra hours with clients waiting to get “the perfect shot” and guess what… I got it, I always get it.I want every family to feel as happy as I do about their photo shoot. If when you see your photographs for the first time you crack a smile or a wee tear in the corner of your eye then I have done my job. Thank you for stopping by, Hopefully I will see you very soon ☺ D xox