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Betina Alves
betinaalvesphotography@gmail.com http://www.betinaalves.com.au Joined March 5, 2019
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I’m Betina, professional photographer and mother of two little people, Lulu and Noah. I’ve been working as a professional photographer for many years now and am passionate about capturing your most precious family memories. Taking photographs is very close to my heart. I love telling people’s stories. Whether I am doing a newborn or baby photo shoot or capturing the bloom of a beautiful pregnant belly – I know my photographs will capture a precious memory that lasts a lifetime. Photographs provide a footprint of where we’ve been. The moments we share together. Photographs are our history, our memories. They take us back to a feeling, a touch, a happy moment. I’d love to help tell your story.
West Gosford
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Betina Alves Photography